making Christmas decor...

This Saturday evening, we hunkered down and made some Christmas decorations, as we don't really have many other than our tree decorations. First thing that was made was the little sock garland, which Trina made from little $1 pairs of socks from Target, and a little pom-pom trim from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

I put it up around the windows by the Christmas tree, and it was good:

We dragged the craft table into the living room, and ended up watching White Christmas, Charlie Brown Christmas, It's Christmas Again, Charlie Brown, and Saturday Night Live.

We took a little break... :D

Then I made a swag, with juniper berries and holly leaves

And Trina made a lovely gumdrop wreath

Whee! It was fun :) Happy Holidays!


  1. Oh, it looks like you guys have so much fun! And you know just the right time to take a break (wink wink) And the gumdrop wreath is amazing!!!

  2. Yeah, you have to make sure to take plenty of breaks during the day :D

    We did have fun, and the gumdrop wreath was wonderful, it was so much better than we even thought (and we thought it'd be great!) Trina fell in love head over heels.

  3. You guys are AWESOME! Sooo fun!! hahahaaaa and adorable and wonderful.. Looook at all that crafting, and the garland Trina Made! Adorable!!!