my wife, Patrina

I was just reading this passage from The Prophet the other day, and it struck me, this passage is describing my wife. It's one of the things I love so much about her, that her heart is just made for giving. The part that really catches my heart and makes me think of Trina is this:

There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.
And there are those who give with pain, and that pain is their baptism.
And there are those who give and know not pain in giving, nor do they seek joy, nor give with mindfulness of virtue;
They give as in yonder valley the myrtle breathes its fragrance into space.
Through the hands of such as these God speaks, and from behind their eyes He smiles upon the earth.

That last one is Trina. She gives because it is just a part of who she is and she really couldn't be any other way. And through that giving, I think she presents the voice of God saying, "you matter."

Anyway, all that to say, I think my wife is an amazing person, and I love her with everything I have. I am blessed beyond words to be able to spend life with her.

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