the weekend...

Well, we started off the weekend on Thursday kind of, by having our friend Theresa over for dinner and watching Doctor Who all evening. For dinner, we made a pork loin roast with pearl onions and mashed potatoes. Let me tell you, peeling about 100 little pearl onions is nothing to laugh at. It took us about 40 minutes taking turns because we could only cut about 5-10 at a time before we had to leave the kitchen, eyes streaming, and have the other person take over.

Anyway, it turned out beautifully, and we had a lovely time eating and watching Doctor Who, which you should make sure to watch if you never have.

Friday night, as I mentioned in my previous post, we went to a lovely dinner at a little creperie/bistro.

Saturday we had a few little flurries of snow for a few minutes at a time, and we made a trip to IKEA and to Goodwill (a thrift store). When we got to IKEA, we went in the exit, and stopped at the little cafe, and I got two hotdogs and a coffee, and Trina got a cup of meatballs and sauce, a cinnamon bun and a coffee.

We went looking for Christmas decor, but we were pretty disappointed with what we found. Though we did get two of the most wonderful lamps, as shown below, for $10 and $15 respectively. They give off the nicest light, we've been commenting all evening how cozy and warm it feels in our living room now.

Our trip to Goodwill was similarly disheartening in terms of finding Christmas decor, but we did find one thing, as well as a number of non-Christmas-related items that are wonderful. We got this little elf who is really cute.

We also got these three pyrex pieces, the large two of which are just big enough for a personal macaroni and cheese. They are in beautiful condition, and such wonderful colors :)

We got a piece of the juicer attachment for our old Sunbeam mixer:

And two really nice mixing bowls with a pretty design on the outside:

And we saw Help I'm Drowning Astronaut Santa, but we didn't buy him:

All in all, not a very Christmasy day, but a good one anyway. Except that Trina got sick after dinner. Think good thoughts for her, all.


  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Oh, you guys are so wonderfully, well, wonderful! :) What a lovely home and fab finds!! HA!! Underwater astro santa! Hahaaaa, You left him behind............ hee heeeeee

  2. that drowning santa cracks me up...and all the dishes you buy make me think of my grandma...you should just raid her kitchen and take everything. that style must be from when she bought all her dishes. it IS pretty fun looking. cute elf too :) i was just thinking of the roaming wierd santa from the christmas tree the other day...i wonder where he is today? :)

  3. Heh! We'll make sure and take a picture of the weird roaming santa head for you when we get all the decorations out :)