odd morning...

well, while Trina and I were in the bathroom getting ready this morning, our cat Piccoli (pictured below) came in to go to the bathroom, got in the litterbox, and started making this horrible moaning sound, then just came flying out of the litterbox hissing and growling, but hadn't actually gone to the bathroom.

we were naturally worried, we thought maybe she was constipated or maybe she had eaten something that she's not supposed to eat and it was passing painfully or obstructing something, so I wrote in to work and told them I'd be late and called the vet and made an appointment for 10am, which was the earliest they had.

I used the intermediate time to practice cello a bit, as Piccoli was acting pretty normally, and being especially pesky (since I hadn't fed the cats yet, as I wanted to wait until she came back from the vet to feed her) - so finally the time came to get ready, and I (with considerable difficulty) got Piccoli into the cat carrier, and walked over to the vet (they are just a few blocks away). Piccoli was pretty scared, especially when I got out by the main road, but she calmed down a lot once we got in the vet building (which is just a little old house, that they've remodeled the inside to have exam rooms and such).

We waited for a few minutes, and then they called us into an exam room. We (again with considerable difficulty) got her out of the cat carrier and onto the table. The assistant took her temperature, asked a few questions about her behavior and symptoms, and then left, saying the doctor would be right in.

After a bit of petting Piccoli and trying to keep her from burrowing into my armpit, the doctor came in. She looked at Piccoli's eyes and ears and mouth, felt around her abdomen, looked at her butt, etc. She said she could feel a little bit of dry fecal matter, but not much. Her temperature was normal, and she looked well-hydrated, so just as a last check, they wanted to check her glands on either side of her anus and try to get a stool sample, so they took her out (apparently the glands have a rather potent odor and if they did it in the exam room, the room would stink the rest of the day). After a few minutes, they came back, and said her glands looked normal, but they got a small bit of fecal matter out, and there was a piece of a worm in it.

So, the story ends with giving her one and a half pills of de-wormer, and coming home with another one and a half pills to give her in two weeks. After the appointment, it was much easier to get her back into the cat carrier, and we had a quieter journey home. Once we got home, she flew back out of the cat carrier again, and I fed her and Teagan, called Trina at work to tell her what the diagnosis was, and then got ready and headed to work.

I'm glad it wasn't anything too serious. Yay!

I love our cats.

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  1. um, gross. :) I'm glad our little pink nose is feeling better. she's been super snuggly since i got home from work.