While you look at the physical universe that exists, and when you look at our own significance in comparison to even all the known universe, not to mention what we haven't discovered yet, we are so tiny and insignificant, and most of the universe is not effected in the least by our existence, as far as we can tell.

But yet, any single one of us humans has the potential to completely change the course of history, not only for us, but for the entire universe.

If you think in terms of microcosm as well as macrocosm, we realize that the life of any single organism can change the life of a higher-order organism - for instance, a mitochondria, which in terms of physical relevance as compared to the entire body of a human, seems as insignificant as we do in comparison to the universe, may determine the entire fate of a human body. Which makes it easier to believe that a human could make a difference in something as vast as the cosmos.

And that's only in a purely physical take on things.

If you look at the spiritual, which I think is very relevant, I believe there are connections between everything, and I believe the fabric of the universe can be changed, no matter the physical size or distance between things. I know it sounds a little bit force-like, but I really think that in some way that we don't really understand, we are all connected, people, places, things, not just because, for instance, we were all created by the same God, or whatever, something more active and interactive than that (though that also plays a part, I believe, especially in being a reason for the connection).

Anyway, there's your thoughts for the day :)


  1. I agree with you...it is a "weird" concept perhaps, but you explained it very well. It's kind of heady to think about...being part of all that is vast, because we spend so much of our own existence in one little space in time. I love the thought that we are all connected though...that there is a team working in life, that we have more help than we'll ever realize...There is a huge comfort in the thought that the right things will happen when they are supposed to, or we'll find the right people when we need to. I am amazed at the amount of time in my life when I needed something...and it just appeared from seemingly nowhere...if that doesn't prove we're all connected, then I don't know what would.

  2. I completely agree! And, we are sooo connected! I mean, for instance, on a smaller funny level... I will have something in my head, and then I will visit Marjorie or Lou and voila, they have brought it to life.. Or, this has happened so often, I see someone in a room in another town, at a shop etc. and I remember them... and years later, I meet them in real ife in the most strange situation and we become friends. I love this post Dave!

  3. In a non-personal way this is exactly what Chaos theory has to do with -- a vast and extensive interconnection of everything (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly_effect).

    On a more personal level -- I think it's absolutely fascinating to think about what the unseen spiritual realm may be like and how much happens that we never know about. I don't think it's quite like the Frank Peretti books but there's definitely things happening in the background. What does it mean that angels are truly guarding us?

    Fascinating stuff... thanks for the post. :-)

  4. I've spent a lot of time recently thinking about how we influence the lives of each other - how much the balance weighs towards - or can be explained by - physical, mental, and spiritual. It's definitely an interesting topic.

    As for the human impact on the macrocosm, while I personally don't disagree with you, one could posit that the universe as we know it is not a living biological system but just a complex mechanical system, reserving any influence we have as simply physical, and humans are too small/isolated and thus lack the momentum to affect the universe in any significant way no matter how hard we try.

    That's the problem with macrocosm though, there are too many unknowns. To really grasp the human impact for example, you have to be able to look at all time at once - past and future - something we can't observe. There's also the lack of comprehension of higher dimensions, spiritual or otherwise, which leaves us with too narrow of a view to form any real conclusion.

    Fun for the imagination though. :)

  5. yeah, I certainly don't claim to understand how or why or even if we influence the macrocosm in any kind of concrete, scientific way... it's more of just a very strong feeling I get about the world :) I think looking at the universe from a purely physical standpoint, it would be hard to believe that we effect much of anything at all outside of our own planet or maybe solar system, but then again, if you think about the butterfly effect, maybe one small action could set off a chain reaction that would effect something all the way across the universe, potentially. Who knows :)

    I don't think we'll probably ever really figure it out in a way we can explain concretely and write proofs for, but it is pretty fascinating to think about :)

  6. Absolutely, and that's exactly what I meant by pointing out the narrow view we (currently) have (as does the butterfly). Perhaps you and Trina will make a choice in your cooking next week which will cause planets to collide light years away! :D

    We as humans have a drive to understand the process as much as we possibly can, then take it a step further in our minds... both of which can be fun and entertaining as well as informative ;)

  7. David ,you are so cute!!!