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This started off as a comment on this post at A Fanciful Twist...

Today I had the day off for MLK Jr. Day, but Trina had to work, so I got up late and took a shower and played my newfound love, Banjo-Kazooie (a Nintendo64 game) for a while, and then took leftover Beef Stroganoff that we made last night to have lunch with Trina and work, and befriended a couple of dogs while I was there (the folks at sock dreams bring their dogs to work). Today was bright and sunny, but really cold and windy, so it felt so nice to be outside a bit. Last night I started feeling not so well, and I've been kind of feverish and sluggish all day, but it was so nice to just go and spend 30 min with Trina in the middle of the day. I came back and our cat, Teagan, was making every effort to get on my lap and monger my face (he loves to rub up against my beard), and our other cat, Piccoli was laying in the sun up in our guest room. I made a pot of Jasmine green tea, and drank the whole thing (and then proceeded to head to the bathroom every 10 min for an hour). The other day we got The Beatles White Album on record, as well as a Benny Goodman record, and I've been recording those today as well, so that I could put them on my iPod to listen to :) Trina came home from work at 4, and ate some dinner quickly, and then had to run off to inventory night at Sur La Table (which I would have been going to as well, had I not been sick), but I enjoyed another 30 minutes or so with her, and now I'm just reading blogs and thinking about another pot of tea... maybe black currant with cream and sugar... I should probably also take some ibuprofen and a multi-vitamin. Have I ever mentioned I love clarinets? I do. And Trina? Yes, I really really do.

Since Trina has left for Sur La Table, I have finished another half of a level in Banjo-Kazooie, made a pot of peppermint tea, and had some ginger snaps, listened to the first half of The White Album, wrote this comment on Vanessa's blog, copied it here and started modifying it, and fed the cats. Now I need to take some NyQuil and get ready to hit the sack... but first I'll add a few things to the part below...

We do so often forget to appreciate the little things we do every day and so often forget about because they become routine. Some things I love that are routine - how I always say, goodnight and I love you to Trina as we're going to sleep, and she says the same back - putting on chapstick and shea nut butter on my hands when I climb into bed (I get really dry skin in the winter), and then smelling like cookies (from the shea butter), taking the bus to and from work and seeing interesting people, as well as just getting a chance to wind down from work before getting home - shaving with a razor, it gives kind of a fresh feeling, and forces you to slow down and take some time - the way Trina wiggles her nose when it itches, also the way she pushes the end of her nose in when she's thinking - the brisk, cold feeling of a winter day when it's bright and sunny out - looking up through the branches of trees at night when there's light from street lights coming through them (or in the day when sunlight is coming through). I love records (Beatles, pre-1950's Jazz, Classical, that kind of stuff), birds, interesting glasses (the kind that hold drinks), old books, old clocks, pocket watches, pyrex bake ware, games for atari 2600, nintendo, super nintendo, sega genesis, or nintendo 64 (yes, I have all of those). I love randomly connecting with strangers over a book I'm reading (or they are reading). I love the feeling at the end of a hot day, when you get to finally rest, and the air cools, and you feel such peace. I love the way music makes me feel so deeply, like I could explode. I love the way simple, true love fills my heart. I love the way that the sunlight looks just before sunset on clear fall days. I love how mountains look on crisp, clear winter days. I love laughing until all my guts hurt. I love spouting random words that come to mind and any particular time. I love cheese. I love all the myriad of flavors and smells that exist in edible things. I love the smells that fill the kitchen when cooking. I love the softness of our kitties when they snuggle me. I love experiencing beautiful things. I love the smell of books, and the feeling of paper. I love thinking deep things, pondering questions, writing. I love experiencing life and learning and growing as I do so. I love giving love as well as receiving it. I love interacting with people who inspire me to be creative. I love encouraging others to be creative. I love encouraging others to do what fills them up. I love the miracle of life. I love hot tea and spicy cookies, and chocolate truffles with a little bit of powdered cocoa on the outside. I love my dear wife with everything in me. I love that I get to go curl up in bed and fall asleep. I only wish my wife was here to do the same. At least she'll be back later :)

Goodnight everyone.

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  1. Wonderful to read this again. I'm thinking of making my own longer version up and posting it somewhere I can see it easily . When the little things are getting me down, I can look over and get a little perspective on things again:)