this weekend

So, we started the weekend off with dinner on Friday night at Cup and Saucer on Hawthorne. I had a hamburger with onion, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese and bacon, and home fried potatoes - Trina had a buttermilk pancake, bacon, a vanilla scone (their scones there are *amazing*, though they are really more like sweet biscuits), and a cup of fresh fruit. After dinner we headed home and just kind of crashed and watched TV.

Saturday, I got up around 9.30 and listened to Beethoven's 9th Symphony, while writing my blog about my recent record stuff, and then Trina woke up and joined me downstairs. We made a pot of PG Tips tea, and were sipping on that, when our friend Theresa came over with her own pot of tea, and we sat around and chatted for a while. She was going to do some shopping around town, so she headed out, and then my mom showed up. My dad is out of town this week, so we had planned to spend the day with my mom on Saturday. We sat around our place for a while and drank tea and chatted, and then we headed out to the Bread and Ink cafe, also on Hawthorne, for lunch. This time Trina had a hamburger, with bleu cheese and bacon and grilled onions, I had a roasted pork sandwich, and my mom had a grilled greek pita with feta and sundried tomatoes and kalamata olives.

After lunch, we headed up and down Hawthorne a bit and did some shopping, and then we headed downtown to Sur La Table, as my mom wanted to buy some knives, and we wanted to get our last piece of cookware, the Le Creuset 12" Skillet.

We were going to go to Everyday Music nearby, but we forgot, so we instead headed over to NE Portland, to the one on Sandy Blvd, and we found some great records - a Benny Goodman, an Ella Fitzgerald, a Charlie Byrd, a couple of Christmas records and one or two other random things. My mom bought the album Plans by Death Cab For Cutie, and also The Reminder, by Feist.

Next up on the list was back to Hawthorne for dinner. We went to our favorite French creperie/bistro, Chez Machin.

We all started off with French Onion Soup, and I had La Bechamel crepe, which had ham and emmental swiss cheese and mushrooms and bechamel sauce, my mom had La Percheronne crepe, which had ham and brie and mushrooms, and Trina had (if I remember right) the Boeuf Stroganoff crepe. We finished off dinner by sharing a nutella, custard, and raspberry jam crepe, and coffee. A lovely dinner.

After that, we headed back to our place, split up our shopping finds from the day, and my mom headed home. We had a great time with her - a really nice, relaxing day.

Sunday, we got up at about 10am, and we spent most of the day cleaning the house. We took all the Christmas decorations down, and put them away. We washed dishes, and swept floors, washed clothes, re-arranged a bit, put new lampshades on lamps, all while sipping coffee from our wonderful new polar bear cups that our friend Niki got us for Christmas :)

Now that's some nice looking coffee, right there. Oh yeah.

We went out to get some lunch, deposit a check, get cat food... but the pet store was closed, so we ended up wandering through a little vintage shop that had some beautiful old phonographs and a lot of old smut novels :)

We rounded out the evening by making some wonderful baked mac and cheese, and watching the BBC version of Jane Austen's Persuasion on TV (the local TV station, OPB, is playing all of the Jane Austen films, Sunday nights. Yesterday was the first.)

Hope everyone's weekend was good, peaceful, productive, restful, whatever you all needed.

P.S. I'm thinking about switching to primarily shaving with a razor, and I like the idea of using shaving soap/brush... I don't know if there are any guys who actually read this more than occasionally, but if you are a guy, and you happen to shave with a razor and use shaving soap, and you have a favorite kind of soap, let me know :)


  1. oh no no. I had one with shrimp, spinach, fresh mozzerella, dijon creme fresh, roasted garlic, and a couple other things but i forget what. It was yummy.

  2. Diane Feucht1/14/2008 10:10 PM

    ahhh! All that food sounds soo good! And now there is drool all over my keyboard. :-P

  3. Wow, those crepes look and sound yummy!! So I just had to say, your record post reminds me of the lovely victrola my parents used to have. I wanted to keep it forever and ever, but my mom sold it in a garage sale when I was 15 for $50. I begged her to keep it, but we were going to be moving to a house where we wouldn't have enough room for it (doh! Then they got the house in Clackamas!). It came across the Oregon trail in a wagon, supposedly, and it was so lovely. I had all of my mom's old records (Rolling Stones, Elton John, Monkees, etc.) until a few years ago when I realized I didn't have a record player to play them on any more (well, I did--but I broke the speakers on it to make them work for another stereo--long story...). This record post reminds me of that victrola and makes me want to find one again. I looked online, briefly, and the ones like the one we used to have are like $1,000....Oh my...That's like 3 ipods... :) I like the crackle sounds that a record player makes though. Nice! Thanks for the cool bloggity blog! :)

  4. I've seen old phonographs (still working) at vintage stores around Portland in the $300-$700 range, depending on what size they are, how good of condition they are in, etc. I don't know that I'd actually use one though to play records, since they use a needle and not a stylus, they wear records out really fast. But they are beautiful. I always drool over them when I see them :)

  5. So, I did further searching on the victrola, and they sell for like $250 on ebay for the same style. I thought I remembered it being so beautiful and ornate, and then realized the one we had was actually very plain compared to some of the ones out there (plain is ok, it's just interesting how I remembered something from my childhood being so magical and it was really ordinary). I've seen some coffee table sized victrolas that look pretty cool. I have an old singer sewing machine that I don't use, it's just a decoration (though it would work if I tried). It'd be kind of fun to have an old victrola coffee table like that too...Anyways, thanks for making me think about records again! I've kept 3 from my childhood: The Music Machine, a Cinderella one and a Bambi one (they have pictures all over the record, they are pretty!).