I learned what both Béchamel Sauce and Roux are.

As it turns out, Béchamel Sauce is really just a basic white sauce, made with milk, flour and butter, and salt and pepper to taste.

Roux is simply a flour-fat mixture, where the fat could be oil, butter or lard. The fat is heated in a pan, and then the flour is stirred in and incorporated, and cooked until the raw flour taste is gone (but not usually browned).

If any of you reading this are either French or a chef, and you know differently than what I've written, please feel obliged to comment and correct me :)


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  1. I always make a rolled lasagna with Bechamel sauce (and red sauce), and I put white pepper and nutmeg in mine... Yummmyyyyy Thank Giada for that! Yum yum yum!! Ooo sounds like a Lasagna party time!