a whee bit of snow...

We got a sprinkling of snow overnight. It's pretty much gone by now, but it is supposed to sprinkle again overnight tonight, so we'll see :) Here are a few pictures :)


  1. If you want snow I can send you some!
    The Prophet is such a powerful book~my favorite passage has always been the one about Children..long before I had one. It gets me choked up when I read it and is a favorite of mine to pass along when a baby is born.
    Speaking of kids you and Vanessa ought to get together and collaborate on a kids book.You both have wonderful imaginations.

    ps.Hi to your wife. She is lucky enough to have a man who loves to tell us all how much he loves her:) I am fortunate to have one of those too !

  2. Yes, send us some, please!!! :)

    Hmmm, kids book might be fun :)

    I'll pass along your greetings to my wife - she's a good one :)

    Thanks for writing!