another Lithuania story...

it's another summer afternoon, and we were walking around, again coming from old town (senamiestis), and we passed the cathedral

but rather than going down Gedimino prospektas, which runs straight out from the front of the Cathedral, we decided to go around the side, past the spot where the King Mindaugas statue would be later in the year (this photo is from the fall):

and head down towards the Neris river, which runs through Vilnius:

We didn't go all the way down to the river, though - there is a street - GoŇ°tauto street, that runs along the top of the riverbank, and we walked along that street, on the side away from the river, back towards our flat.

We crossed this intersection (which is right by the bridge pictured in the last photo:

and kept walking along the street. we passed this lovely courtyard in front of a hospital:

and kept walking a little bit farther until we saw this little pathway leading up to the hospital grounds.

and what, you might ask, did we find there?

do you really want to know?

ok, I'll tell you :)

this is what we found:

it was really scared, and we could barely get it to stay anywhere near us, and we wanted to take it home so badly, but we didn't know if our landlords would let us keep a cat, and we didn't even know (at that point) where we could find food and litter and such for it - we even called other people we knew to ask if they wanted it, but nobody did... so we left, after about a half hour of trying to coax it out to pet it and such. I wonder what happened to it... look at it's cute little face.

This concludes our installment of "Dave and Trina in Lithuania" for the day. Hope you enjoyed it :) Come back again for another dose :)


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