beautiful things...

Trina got me this beautiful thing for Valentine's Day -

What is it you might ask? Let's unlatch it and see...

Now, to take the cover off...

Yes, that's right, it's a gorgeous typewriter! I've already written a letter with it :)

Based on the book that comes with it, it looks like it was probably made in the late 1930's. The instructions are wonderful, and include a lot of plugs about how a typewriter will change your life in all the most important ways, as well as a nice, pretty lady smiling beautifully.

Anyway, I'm extremely excited (as you can imagine, especially if you know me), and I can't wait to use it for all kinds of things! Happy Day!


  1. Ahhh wow! What a lovely gift!

  2. jealous. jealous. jealous.

    nothing says "real writer" (except maybe a book in the window of barnes & noble), like the clickety-clack of a good typewriter. is it wrong to find the sound of a piece of paper being yanked off the roll pratically orgasimic?

  3. not wrong at all :)

    I personally love the smell - it smells like an old bookstore inside... mmmm... there's nothing like the smell of old dust, paper and ink, mixed with the smell of coffee... I think that is my own little personal heaven. mmmm.

    it's definitely going to take a bit of getting used to after typing on a computer keyboard for so long, but I'll get the hang of it.

    I'm excited to write new poems and maybe even some short stories on it. Yay!!!

    I was just thinking, the typewriter should really have a name... I'll have to think about that...

  4. Oh YAY!! Oh yay! Oh YAayayaaaaayyy!!! Oh me oh my, yippeeeee!!! You know how i have a thing for typewriters!!! Oh and, you are the true writer!!!! WOnderful!! Good Job Miss Lovely Trina!!!