cats... oh cats

So, you might remember from my last post, that we had to take our cat Piccoli into the vet, and she had worms. Well, we scheduled an appointment for our other cat, Teagan (pictured below), to get him checked out and make sure he doesn't have them as well, and it was time for him to have some shots, too.

So, it turns out that he has a bad tooth, which is not from miscare or biting on hard things (which he does all the time to annoy us when we're not paying attention to him) - anyway, he had to have some blood work done, and he will have to have some dental work to remove it. Poor the bubba.

It's sure a good thing we love our kitties so much, they put us in tight spots from time to time. But just look how cute they are :) How could you say no to a belly like that?


  1. Get well soon little kitties!

  2. I grew up with cats , so when I see a cat sprawled out like that it makes me want to go bury my face in his and tickle his tummy and scratch really good behind the ears. Hope the kitties are all better soon. Toothaches, worms, kidney problems..good thing they have nine lives!
    I loved the random things you posted about yourself. The one about random words spoken out loud cracked me up. I can imagine the confused looks you must get.
    I understand the melancholy you feel. People mistake that often for depression but its not the same thing.
    I have never found someone who felt sad by sunny weather and happy when it rains. I was like that up until my early thirties! I loved it when it rained or was foggy out. It rejuvenated me and as you said it makes you feel alive. Sunny weather depressed me and I just wanted to stay inside. I totally understand what you mean!! Sometime during my early 30's I had a 'polar shift' if you will and now it's the opposite. I don't know why. I don't associate sunny weather with happiness anymore than I associate white with good and black with evil. I'm just very aware of how people ,places and things affect my mood.
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. I hope the sweet kitties are all feeling better soon! That is a lovely belly indeed...