I somehow have neglected to mention anywhere on my blog that Trina found this glorious very teeny copy of Pooh Hears a Buzzing Noise and Meets Some Bees. I love Pooh, he makes me smile like nothing else :)

Poor little Pooh, falling out of the tree like that :( He does it so cutely, though, doesn't he? :)



  1. Oh, I love Pooh too (that is such an odd sort of sentence) and I have so many copies of the vintage books, although, Trina did a wonderful job finding you that one! Cheers to the girl!!

  2. Howdy!!! Swooooooooooon!!! Loooooove Trina's find! Look at those teeny tiny bumble bees, oh pitter patter!!!!!!!! And look at the books in the last post, swoon swoon swooooooooooon!!! Trina should be a finder of treasure and get paid bit bucks to do it!!!

  3. Oh Vanessa! Good idea. If you find anyone willing to pay me to find treasure let me know. :)

  4. How charming!

    it makes me want to secure a belt around it and skip to school, swinging it! =^.^=