right now I'm having vivid memories of walking down Gedimino Prospektas in the center of Vilnius, late evening on a warm summer afternoon as the sun is setting, turning everything a golden-brown. We are coming from language class at Vilnius University

we walk through old town

past the cathedral

and we stop at the small Soprano gelato shop on Gedimino Prospektas

to get a small cup of melon or apple gelato with a little flat-ended scoop.

We walk slowly up the street, eating our gelato, past the small park on the right

turn right down Vilniaus street, turn left into the Opera parking lot

cut across it, cross Vienuolio street

and into our building's courtyard.

Open the building door on building 14 with our key

up three flights of stairs to apartment 34

open the singled and 4-prong deadbolts on the first door, 5-prong deadbolt on the second door, and we're in our entry.

Vilnius still feels so much like home in a lot of ways... it's a beautiful city.


  1. Wow~that's a really beautiful city..the kind where you're happy just to walk or bike around in. I wish I had gone to school overseas..my husband is now applying to teach overseas so we're hoping to do a little traveling that way. And I want my son to spend at least a year overseas in H.S. or College as I think he'd get so much out of it.
    I had to look up where Vilnius is...Lithuania:)

  2. I'll plan a couple more posts of Vilnius pictures... hopefully you all won't get too tired of them :) I could look at them for ages :)

  3. um... you just left me so reminiscent of russia. vilnius is beautiful my friend. i really enjoyed this post. can we ride bikes around there someday?