shaving adventures... part deux

Yesterday we were out running rounds around our favorite vintage stores, and we found a 100% Badger shaving brush that was in really good shape, and was only $10, so we decided to get it. we soaked it in some medium-hot borax water for a while, rinsed it out well and let it dry, and I shaved using it last night. I have to say, there's a notable difference between it and the boar bristle brush I got originally. The badger brush holds a lot more water, so you get a moister, richer foam from the shaving soap. With the badger brush I can actually get nearly as thick of a lather on my face as I would with the canned gillette shaving cream, only it smells and feels way better. Next I want to try using a single-blade safety razor and see how that goes. Apparently both with the multi-blade razors, and the electric razors which lift up the hair first and then cut it, so it goes below the skin, there is risk of both irritation and in-grown hairs, and shaving with a brush, rubbing the lather onto your face often does a good job of softening and lifting up the facial hair, it's not so necessary to have the razor pull the hair up for you to get a close shave, so I'd like to try a single blade razor and see how it works. If anyone runs into a good one at a vintage or thrift store, let me know :) Otherwise I may look for a new one online at some point. Well, there's my Sunday late-morning musings. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, all!

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