shaving adventures...

So, today was my first day shaving with shaving soap and a brush. We were at New Seasons yesterday, and just decided to take the plunge and get soap and a brush. Here's what I got - both of them by Omega, made in Italy:

100% Boar Bristle Brush

Shaving soap in bowl

My first impressions are really good. The soap gives a kind of nice, cool, refreshing, tingly feeling while you're shaving, has a nice kind of musky smell, and I, being a very tactile person, really enjoy the whole experience of the brush and the shaving and the cold tingly-ness. Plus I just like taking the time to be slow in the morning, taking my time, and I enjoy feeling like I'm spending time taking care of myself, it feels a lot more interactive than shaving with an electric. So, I'm glad I got started with the soap and brush, and I'm sure I'll continue. As I try different soaps and brushes, I'll post about them in case someone who might possibly be reading this would be interested :D

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Congrats on your new hobby! Be sure to check out the traditional shaving sub-culture at websites like www.shavemyface.com, www.badgerandblade.com, and my youtube shaving channel at www.youtube.com/shavetutor!

  2. you're such a girl! =^.^=

    teasing. thankfully, as a woman, i've no facial hair to shave, but i've always thought those broshes & creams looked terribly fun.

  3. it's ok, I'm definitely a bit more on the feminine side for guys, but I don't mind (thankfully neither does Trina) :) considering I very nearly only have female friends, I suppose that's not entirely surprising :) I quite like the soap and brush method so far - and it just feels nice to take care of yourself, you know? Whee!