this weekend...

So, we had an eventful and busy weekend. Saturday morning we got up and cleaned a bit, and made bacon and fried eggs and coffee, and had a lovely breakfast. The weather was gorgeous, and we drove over to our friend Linda's place, and we all went first to Lived in Lover, one of our favorite vintage stores, and then to IKEA. We were looking at bed frames and mattresses, as we really need a new set, and they are having a really good sale right now. So, we drove out there, and had lunch, which was really nice, and then we went through looking at bed stuff, and picked out all the stuff we wanted. Linda has a truck, and she said we could borrow it for the evening if we wanted to go get the bed stuff, so we decided to do that - we came back and grabbed her truck and went back. We went up to the bed stuff again to make sure we knew what we wanted, and then went down to the warehouse area and got a big cart, and loaded up the bed frame, and then got to the mattress section and they were out of stock. So, we asked someone, and they said we could go to this aisle in the warehouse area to get a rain check, so we went to that desk, and they said we had to go up to the bed area in the showroom to do it, so we had to put back the bed frame and go back up to the mattress area, and then head up to the bed area again. The good news is that we'll get an even better deal, as they give you money back for having to take a rain check. So they said the stuff should be back in next weekend, so we'll try again and hopefully we'll be able to get it. By this time it was rather late, and we were exhausted, so we decided to go to Bara Sushi, which is a new place really near us, and we sat at the sushi bar and ate an inordinate amount of sushi, and Trina had tea and I had hot sake, and it was just really really delicious and a nice end to an exhausting day.

On the plus side, we did have some lovely finds at Lived in Lover. I got a fedora, which I have been looking for forever, but can never find one that fits my big head. I was very excited:

Trina got a wonderful umbrella as well, and got these great shoes at Target on Friday too (a little hard to see in the picture, but you can kind of get the idea) :)

Today we had a pretty relaxed day... we had leftover pizza from Friday evening for breakfast, and then had a bit of a disappointing lunch with Edamame and tea and icky miso soup (the rest was good though), after which we felt kind of funny, but then we went to the store to get stuff to make Beef Bourguignon for dinner, we got some beautiful flowers for our table, from our favorite flower girl at New Seasons (who commented that we were her favorite lovers), and getting out a bit helped us feel much better. This evening we're making the stew, and watching Doctor Who with our friend Theresa, which will be wonderful as always. And she's bringing over tea (she lives just across the courtyard from us).

Have a happy Sunday evening, all. Peace and good cheer to all. And much love.

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