a walk in the park...

today we are going to take a walk through part of Vingis Park, which is in the middle of Vilnius, quite near the center. We start our journey on Čiurlionio street (named after M.K. Čiurlionis, a famous Lithuanian composer/painter), just outside what used to be the dorm building of our friends Deimantė and Gintarė.

We keep walking down the street

and eventually we come to the park gates:

we're surrounded immediately by tall trees amidst open fields...

the sign says "let's stay a while with the trees..."

yes, let's do...

As we walk down the path, we come across some play equipment. Care for a turn on the swings (they call the teeter-totter swings as well)?

or the more traditional swing:

ok, let's keep going a little bit further, shall we? you can always come back to the swings later if you'd like.

if we keep going this way, we get to a petting zoo, a small amusement park, and a huge outdoor amphitheater. this park is really gigantic.

but, for now, I'm going to turn around and head back, as I never took pictures of the rest of it (shame on me).

there's the swings again, if you'd like to head back over there for a while.

thanks for coming with me on my walk. it's been really nice.

I had forgotten how Vilnius smelled in the late spring... it sure is beautiful.

If you'd like, you could also try to climb a tree before we leave. Be careful though. Or you could just give one a hug. They're great to hug, you can squeeze them as tight as you want and they don't mind.

well, off we go then, back to the city.

hope you've all enjoyed this late afternoon jaunt. come again next time, for more "look, it's Lithuania!"

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