I know I always write about our weekend adventures, but we always have such nice weekends, and I love sharing them with you all :)

This weekend on Saturday, we went out to lunch with our friend Linda, to our favorite french creperie/bistro, Chez Machin. I had a bowl of French Onion soup and coffee, Trina had a cup of French Onion soup, a nutella and banana crepe, and coffee, and Linda had a cup of Mushroom Bread soup, an apple, cinnamon and caramel crepe and coffee. We then went around to a bunch of thrift and vintage stores and found some lovely treasures. I'll let Trina share most of them with you, as they were her finds, but I discovered a lovely treasure at Goodwill... I'll tell you about it in a minute. We were looking for either a pirate or gnome mug for Linda, but sadly didn't find one, and then had to head out early, as her roommate's car broke, and she had to go pick her up :(

So, the lovely treasure I found? It is a 1907 copy of Jane Eyre!!! Here are some pictures:

Following the vintage and thrift shopping adventures, we went out to sushi for our friend Dara's birthday, with a number of the people that Trina works with at Sock Dreams (Dara is a co-worker as well). We then all went to Dara and her fiancé Michael's house, which, it tuns out, is only about a 5 minute drive from our apartment, and had drinks and just sat around and talked and played music and it was wonderful. We had such a wonderful time, and are quite enjoying getting to know these people a bit - they seem like wonderful people. Hopefully we'll have some pictures of them to post before too long, so you can see how pretty they all are :)

This morning we woke up and made biscuits and scrambled eggs with ham and muenster cheese, and watched a special on Annie Oakley on TV, which was really interesting and fun. Now we're both blogging and later more house-cleaning! Whee!

Have a happy Sunday, all!


  1. Sounds like the perfect morning to me. How come I never discover such wonderful finds at Goodwill?! What a beautiful cover on the Jane Eyre book and the Pooh Bear book has the most charming simple illustrations.My son has a giant Pooh Bear which serves as a friend and a pillow. Something about him appeals to the kids in all of us:)

  2. I think Pooh just reminds me of the time in my life when I made decisions based entirely on the obvious, and how nice and simple that was :)

    We end up at Goodwill almost every weekend, so we have a lot of chances to find interesting things :) Plus the one near us seems to be unusually good (at least for the Portland area) - other ones in the area don't seem to get nearly as much good stuff.

    Or maybe we're just lucky, who knows :)