easter eggs 2008

Well, we made some Easter Eggs Lithuanian style on Sunday. We did things a bit differently this year, and the eggs turned out (I suppose, not surprisingly) differently than we expected, but they were still good. Saturday it was bright and sunny out, so we went around our apartment complex and collected some bits of plants, flowers, leaves, etc to use in the egg-dying process.

We also pulled out some rice

and something new - some circular dried pasta we had laying around

We pulled out the eggs and lined up the nylons

and we were off!

Placing things in the nylons around the eggs, then pulling the nylon as tight around the egg as possible and tying it off with string, then starting on the next egg...

The fun thing about doing eggs this way, is you're never really sure how they are going to turn out until you are finished with them.

The main thing we did differently this year, was to use paste food coloring instead of clothing dye, as we wanted the eggs to be edible, and we couldn't find any food-safe clothing dye.

We did one batch of leaf green, and one batch of sky blue.

You put the eggs in raw, into cold water (with the dye and some vinegar mixed in), bring the water to a rolling boil, put the lid on, and remove from the heat and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Pull the eggs out of the water and cut open the nylons, remove the eggs, rinse them off, and place back in the carton to dry.

The colors came out quite a bit lighter than previous ones we had done, which was ok - but we decided we do like the darker colors better overall. We'll have to try something else next time :) Here are some individual pictures of the eggs to leave you with. If anyone made their own eggs and wants to send pictures, please do! (my email address is in my blogger profile). Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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  1. Well, they didn't turn out as dark, maybe more dye? I still think the are quite stunning!!