more thrift store luck

I had forgotten to mention this pair of shoes I got the previous weekend at Goodwill (yay for shoes at Goodwill lately!). They are by the company Aldo, and are just a great basic black dress shoe. They were basically brand new when we found them.


  1. Mikhail Emelianov3/19/2008 3:19 PM

    great shoes! i'd work on better modeling situations though, these "views from above" are such cliches in the shoe-presentation-industry, don't you think? i would take pictures of new shows being introduced to old shoes, or new shoes taking their first walk in the park, or new shoes kicking their first puppy... you get the drift...

  2. yeah, these were just practical photos in order to be able to post them - I'll work up some more interesting ones and post them later :)

    perhaps "shoes in space! the pedal frontier!"

    though I suppose black shoes probably wouldn't show up very well in space. maybe shoes in a mental institution would be a better option :)

  3. kicking puppies? totally unacceptable. how about new shoes being introduced to already existent non-harmed pets? you could take a picture of the shoes emoting things to the kitties like, 'oh da teagan. oh da piccoli' or being introduced to the felt animals. or the closet in which they will live...

  4. also...
    while those may not be the most aesthetically interesting shoe photos, i have just realized that's the most i've ever seen of your workplace.

  5. maybe "shoes in intriguing and spatially curious situations" - with strange stains on the floor, or interesting tile design, or (like a heavy metal promo shot) shoe in a dark factory-like landscape.

    mental institution is a good one, let's see some preliminary sketches, drawings, etc..

  6. It is always wonderful to find shoe scores at the thrift! I love it when people buy the wrong sizes and hardly wear them...