well, busy day. Trina's sister Carmen is up for the weekend, and today we got up, later than usual, and decided rather than make breakfast, which we had planned to do, to go out... so we went over to Genie's, but they were really busy, so we went to New Seasons and got some breakfast and coffee, and Carmen got hot chocolate. We went and found some boxes to ship a few of Trina and Theresa's orders from Etsy this week, and then we surprised Carmen with Sweeney Todd at the Academy Theater. We had told her we were just going to get pizza for lunch, because we had planned to go see it with her, and we were all really excited, but we checked earlier in the week, and couldn't find anywhere that was playing a show early enough for her to get in (she's under 21, and it's only playing in the theaters that serve alcohol at this point), but then we found the weekend show at 1.30pm at the Academy, so we decided to surprise her. It worked :) The movie was fantastic, another win for Tim Burton :) After that, we went to Lived in Lover, and I got a nice wool Irish driving cap, then we dropped Carmen off at home, and went to Goodwill - we found a few goodies there, a few records, a couple dishes, etc... and then went to New Seasons to get dinner stuff, then headed back home. We had rented Across The Universe the other night, so we watched it - and it was fantastic as well - really beautifully filmed and well made. Lots of musical in one day :) Now we're eating Lindt chocolate and watching the extras from Across the Universe. Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday as well! Cheers!


  1. I have yet to see "Sweeney Todd" and I hear it's really really bad and that it's really really good. I just mentioned on a another blog this morning he's hit or miss for me but I want to se it now:) We finally rented "Across the Universe" this weekend and I till haven't made my mind up about it.( Even with Bono in it!). So I'll just comment on the fact that the cinematography and choreography was beautiful and the layers of images , especially the war scenes, was breath taking. Some parts in the movie were treasures. Like the song "If I fell" when she's singing to Jude was sung in such a convincing way I believed she meant it, even though their relationship in general didn't feel that way. I'd have to see that one again to make up my mind.
    Lindt is my favorite..!

  2. I thought Sweeney Todd was really good - but it is pretty gory, so if you're queasy about blood, you may want to be careful :)

    Bono's part in Across the Universe was hillarious - his American accent was so funny! I think it was a very potent movie, as a whole.

    Hooray for Lindt! Pass it around :)