what a night!

so, this evening after work, I came home, and we made pasta with sun-dried tomato cream sauce, and our friend Theresa came over to eat with us, and to work on craft stuff with Trina... Theresa ended up designing the cover to my book of poetry, which hopefully will get its finishing touches and get published once we replace the laptop we just lost - anyway, after we were finished eating, we realized we didn't have anything for dessert, and we were also out of milk, so I decided to walk to New Seasons and get some milk and get something for dessert. Following is a recounting of things that I found on my way.

Today is cold and rainy in Portland, but this evening it's just been a light mist, so the air is cold and damp, perfect walking weather. The first thing I noticed was a house right behind our apartment complex whose chimney was smoking like a campfire. I have a thing for those sidewalk pieces that have the company who laid the concrete and the year in them. Tonight I found two that I had never seen before, one was "Elwood Wiles 1909," and the other was "Lyons -29-." There is a high school near us, and I could hear some kind of game going on there, with buzzers and whistles and shouting off in the distance. There was a beautiful white flowering tree that was growing out over the sidewalk, and so I walked underneath it, it was amazing, and looked a bit like it was glowing in the darkness. There was a house that had these beautiful white wrought iron railings going up the steps, with a really pretty curvy pattern. At one point, I was walking on 28th street, between Woodward and Clinton streets, and I came to a driveway, and I looked down, and it was a street corner. It was exactly the same as the street corners in the area, and it even said "Taggart St" in the concrete. To the left of me, across the street, is a giant house, if the street continued that way, it would go through their side yard, and to the right of me, on my side of the street, is another house, of which the street corner is the driveway. For whatever reason, I found it really interesting that they had just put houses right where the street used to be. So, I got to New Seasons, and I got a cheesecake brownie, two espresso shortbreads, a box of little chocolate cookies, and a gallon of milk. On the way out of the store, in the parking lot, I saw what appeared to be a little yellow duck, painted on the sidewalk. Upon closer examination, I believe it was a yellow marshmallow peep duck that someone dropped and had just mostly melted away, just leaving a duck-shaped residue on the pavement. Up a few blocks from the store, I just happened to see into someone's living room, and they had Herb Alpert and the Tijuana brass record albums up on his wall.

Finally I made it home with all the desserts and the milk, and I unpacked them, and poured milk for us all, and we had a fantastic dessert. We all decided the cheesecake brownie was the winner.

When I got home, I found that Trina had finished this little needle-felted mouse, who we have decided to name Harriet, and who will hopefully be in the Doormouse Designs Shop before the end of the weekend, along with a few other friends:

And Theresa had gotten this much done for my book cover, which will then need to be inked and scanned.

How did I get to know such exceptionally talented people? I may never know. I'm lucky :)

Last, but not least, I figured I should post a couple pictures of the new hat I got this last weekend. Here goes :)

And here's me scratching my lip - whee!

I was feeling a little hyper, sorry about that :D

Just as a reminder, again until we replace our computer and I can finish up the last songs for my album, you can listen to the ones I have finished on my page at last.fm.

Hope everyone has a beautiful night - dream of sparkles and raindrops and streetlights through tree branches. Much love.

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  1. I am sooo not allowed to read blogs on weekends!! As I am supposed to be doing other productive things. But, what i found out, was that, If I had not been reading your blog today, then I would not have been able to read your most amazing Joie de vivre tale. Which, has invigorated me to give some bald girls hair, and perhaps pupils, if they are nice to me. I LOOOved that story Dave!! And, how you enjoyed that walk, and under the tree, and and... well, you catch my drift!! It made me get back into dreamy girl mode.

    Guess what? All last week is was 80' here, and now today, it snowed a bit.. Can you imagine that???

    Again, lovely tale, awesome book cover WIP, and Trina's mouse is the bestest of the bestest mouses of the lands!!!