I'm starting a blog about food places in Portland, Oregon... it will be located at http://portlandfoodstuff.blogspot.com. There isn't much of anything there at the moment, but come back soon, to see the wonders of eating in Portland :) Cheers!


  1. Hi Friend, I clicked on your food blog and you guys are amazing, creative chefs! Your food pictures are always impressive. Tell me when you two open your own restaraunt, ok? :)

  2. Well, there aren't many things we like more than food :) It's one of our favorite things both to make and to experience, so we love going around and trying new restaurants and things as well as trying to make new things (or old things that are really good). I don't know if I could cook for lots of people though, the dirty dishes we create cooking for ourselves are more than enough! :)

  3. we can hire a dishwasher... :)