I've been tagged...

by my cousin, Diane!

1. Ten years ago I was…
18 years old.
I was in my first year at Mt. Hood Community College and I didn't know it yet, but I was going to meet Trina before the year was out! (though I would be 19 by then).

2. Things on my to do list today:
Kiss Trina (maybe more than once) :)
Potentially have dinner with mom and pick up a laptop and stack of records
Go to bed

3. Things I would do if I was suddenly a billionaire:
Buy an apartment with an art studio in Paris.
Be an artist/musician/writer. (Diane, you're already an artist)
Visit everyone we love around the world (including Diane).

4. Bad habits:
Leaving the shower curtain open after a shower.

5. Places I have lived:
Gladstone, Oregon
Clackamas, Oregon
Oregon City, Oregon
Portland, Oregon
Vilnius, Lithuania

6. Jobs I have now or have had:
Postal Annex
Wirelily LLC (web development)
OHSU School of Dentistry (computer support, web development, application development, etc)

7. Things people don’t know about me (quirky things about me):
I get depressed in hot weather, and I love walking while it's raining.
I make weird faces in the mirror at myself
I'm geeky about language the way other people are geeky about racing cars or sports stars or politics, I just get all giddy about it

8. Things that make my life superfabulous right now:
I live in a beautiful city with a beautiful woman and we enjoy life.

I tag.... everyone in the world! :)


  1. You! You can't tag everyone in the world! :) oh and you forgot to add not paying attention when driving and absentmindedly grabbing your wife's pant leg with your grabby toes to number 4 of your list. :)And also you forgot to add cuddling and giving your wife a neck massage to number 2.

  2. oh yes, good thing I had you to remind me about those :)

  3. OHhhh! What wonderful answers. I loveee it and you are wonderful. :) I enjoy Trina's comment... not entirely sure how that works out though :) . I love how you two love each other so much. :)

  4. oh! I meant to add two things to his number 4 on the list. :)not paying attention when driving. And, absentmindedly grabbing your wife's pant leg with your grabby toes. :) Not at the same time. :)