more ways to get music...

hello everyone, this is a public service announcement to notify you that my music is now, and will be for the foreseeable future, available to purchase from Amazon MP3. this gives you the ability to buy high quality non-DRM versions of it, if you prefer to do so (as opposed to buying them from iTunes). Those of you who may have an eMusic subscription can still get high quality non-DRM versions there as well, but for those of you who don't, this should be a good option. Here is a link to the album, Poems Without Words.

keep an eye and an ear open for a new collection of songs to listen to, hopefully within a few months.



  1. Hey there, Dave. Just stumbled on your blog for the first time while I was leaving comments on Diane's blog. I just started updating my blog more recently, and I have a lot to catch up with you guys.

    You don't play the cello still, do you? I've been keeping up the piano myself, so if you're up to it, we should try to do a cello sonata or something. Think you're good enough to do Shostakovich's Op. 40? That sounds like a lot of fun, and I would really like to play it some day. I have a pretty good group of musicians at Faith Presbyterian, and I've been doing things concerti and trio sonatas... lots of fun.

    Anyway, enjoyed your songs without words... I mean, poems... I was part of a band when I was in the military, and we made some music that I'm now embarrassed to show anybody, although some sounded mildly decent.

    Anyway, take care.

  2. I can't hardly wait : ) I know we will be hearing that lovely cello of yours as well and that makes my heart happy! I am REALLY proud of you!

    Love you!