sick, but with good news :)

well, today I'm home sick and feeling pretty nasty (stuffy nose, sore throat, chest congestion, fever, etc)... however, late last night we did do something exciting, which is purchase our plane tickets to Tokyo! We have an itinerary! It seems so weird and surreal still. We're going from the middle to the end of July, to visit our dear friend Alina, who has been there now for going on two years now, and is there for one more. More on that as we get closer to the departure date. Until then, hope you all are feeling better than I am :)


  1. I hate you (Japan)! Kidding, I'm happily envious.

    I was sick this week as well. Three days out from work- I was able to read almost 3 novels (hooray!) but frightened I was on death's door (boo!). I get freaked out when I'm ill.

    I hope you're feeling better!

    Back to Japan: can we say Hello Kitty World? It's a theme park. I want to go sooooooooooo bad. HK & I have the same birthdate: 11/1/74. I'm more into the obscure Japanese characters (I'm so hip), but the idea of a theme park is amazing!

  2. We're so excited to go to Japan, it will be a first in Asia for me (a second time for Trina), and it will just be interesting to experience it firsthand.

    I wish we could have gone in early spring, to see the cherry trees, but it didn't work out :(

    Yes, Hello Kitty world, and the Little Prince Museum. Not to mention Disney Japan. We'll see what all we get around to doing :)


  3. Yay for going to Japan! I'm so glad you guys get to go! Sorry you were sick though...