Sunday Adventures

So, Sunday we woke up later than we expected, we were both feeling really tired for some reason, and we had intended to go to brunch at a new place we saw called Jobie's, that actually is in Pix Patisserie's building on SE Division, but as we were up late, we got there and it was really busy, so we decided to go to Chez Machin instead. We had a wonderful dish of 3 scrambled eggs, ham, cheddar and roasted potatoes (Trina had it with bacon and swiss), and then a baguette and bread, and coffee. It was an absolutely perfect breakfast. We headed back to the car, and I found these sidewalk dates:

From there, we went to IKEA, where we picked up a few random things, a kitchen rug, some soup bowls, and a couple other things. Then we headed back into town, over to Rerun on NE Fremont. We got some wonderful vintage linens and a couple of cute wall shelves, both of which I'm sure Trina will blog about at some point. Then we headed back over to Hawthorne to go to House of Vintage and Deco to Disco, to look for a dresser. We didn't end up getting a dresser, but we did get these fantastic Flour, Sugar and Coffee cannisters at House of Vintage:

When we came out of the store, the sky looked like all doom was about to come pounding down on us:

And then we noticed, on the side of the building was painted this amazing mural:

We then went and got dinner at Ohana Hawaiian Cafe, which was fantastic, and then went home and helped our friend Linda clear out our second room, as she is going to be staying with us for a couple months.

At this point, I'm kind of feeling like I'm coming down with a cold, so let's hope that doesn't get worse. I have one other bit of fun news to share, but it'll have to wait just a bit longer yet. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. where is that wall mural? it's gorgeous!

  2. It's on the side of the building that House of Vintage is in on Hawthorne and about 33rd. That next picture of the ominous clouds is right outside the building.