A Bit More Shakespeare...

We recently found this collection of Shakespeare, I don't remember where for certain... it's in fairly rough shape, but it is really beautiful.

The best part about it though, are the inscriptions written inside the front cover.

The first one: "To my dear Sister May Newland. Nov 16, 1888."
The second one: "From May Newland Smith to her daughter Blanche on her Sixteenth birthday. July 14th 93"

Their handwriting is amazing... look at it! I wish I knew the rest of its history since 1893, but to know that you have a book that someone gave their sister in 1888, who then passed it on to their daughter in 1893... it makes the book feel kind of warm and alive.

I also like that is noted as having a "Copious Glossary" :)

Published by the same publisher as the copy of Lalla Rookh, that I posted about the other day.

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog today... I'm happy to see someone else gets excited over inscriptions in old books.