garden update...

So, last night we went home after work, and made some quick dinner, ate, and headed to meet Theresa in the garden!

On the way over, one of our neighbors, Magdeline, who is an older lady (probably in her eighties), was going by on her way to the store. She doesn't get around very well anymore, so sometimes when she goes to dump her trash we'll take it for her and help her back to her apartment or whatever. Anyway, I took her over to the store to get bread, milk, and ice cream, and then brought her back to her apartment, and we had a good chat on the way. She is the sweetest lady, so friendly and nice.

Anyway, I then headed over to the garden to meet Trina and Theresa, who had marked out an area for the herbs and the tomatoes and a pathway down the middle of the garden where we're going to put stepping stones later. We commenced planting, and by about 8.30, we had everything (starts and seeds) in the ground and watered!

Did I mention that there's a beautiful lilac bush that hangs over one end of our garden area? :) Yay!

This morning before I headed to the bus, I snuck out to take a few more pictures of things:

One of our cucumber plants:

Walla Walla Sweet Onions, and two of our tomato plants:

More of our tomato plants:

The herb section:


Wild Strawberries!

So, there you have it. We'll keep updating with pictures as things progress. We're so excited for yummy produce and for growing things! Hooray!


  1. That's so beautiful! I might have to come steal some of your strawberries. :)

  2. You might not even have to steal them, we might just give you some, assuming we can keep the birds away from them :)

  3. What a beautiful garden! I have two lilac bushes I'm hoping will bloom this year. My mother told me about a lilac bush (I believe it was a lilac bush) my grandmother had that was given to her by my grandfather. He passed away in 1957 and it finally bloomed a few years ago. Anyways that's great you and Trina are starting tending your garden. I just bought a few plants today and look forward to seeing a garden, that we've been working on the past few years come to life. I love blue lavender and white flowers and we're hoping to work on the side garden, which will be my son's, and have mostly vegetables:) And you have strawberries!
    And sorry I havent been by lately but I want to thank you and Trina for helping out with info. for our Portland trip.Thanks!

  4. Oh, you're more than welcome! We're glad to help out. I hope your gardens go wonderfully this year!

  5. This garden of yours gets better every year!! We will have to call you a Master Gardner here pretty soon! I love watching things grow and there is nothing like eating fresh veggies right from the ground! Maybe you will share a bit with your old Maj when you have some surplus
    : )

  6. Absolutely, we'd be happy to give you guys some, as I'm sure we'll have more than we can eat :) If you need some herbs and stuff too, let us know, as we'll have a number of different herbs as well. See you in a couple hours!