In our apartment complex, there is this small little patch of ground, probably about 15 feet by 7 or 8 feet, which the managers are allowing us to use as a garden. We planted last year as well, with our friends Jeremy and Tiffany (who have since moved to Idaho), and we had more lettuce and zucchini than we could give away to people, as well as some nice tomatoes and cucumbers, and a few snap peas. This year, we're putting a bit more prep work into it. Our friends Theresa and Linda are going to help out as well. Saturday during the day, Theresa went and pulled out some of the old dead stuff from last year, and then Sunday morning, while Linda was finishing the 7th Harry Potter book, Trina and Theresa and I went out and finished clearing out all the major weeds, dead plants and masses of grape hyacinths that had taken over the garden.

Here's the garden area Sunday morning before we started:

Here's Teagan checking out the grape hyacinths - we brought him out on a leash to hang out with us, and he had the time of his life, including getting out of his harness to go chase a bird :)

Me digging up weeds and looking slightly deranged :)

We left some hyacinths along one side of the garden area by the fence, just because they're so pretty...

After we had finished removing the weeds and the hyacinths, we made Linda take a break from Harry Potter and come have lunch with us at Laughing Planet, and then we all went to Portland Nursery, and buy some starts for the garden - we got about 7 or 8 different varieties of tomato (just one plant each), walla-walla sweet onions, cucumber, some ground cover for one corner of the garden that has a bunch of rocks in it, tarragon, italian oregano, chives, parsley, basil, wild strawberries and regular strawberries, and then seeds for a couple varieties of peas and beans, a few varieties of lettuce, spinach, two different kinds of squash, beets, and a couple varieties of sunflower (which may or may not go in the vegetable garden). We're also hoping to get cilantro and maybe another variety of beets from a friend.

Here's the garden after Theresa's dad was done tilling it!

Up towards one end of the garden is a huge patch of daisies, which kind of overgrew that end of the garden, so this year Theresa bought a little fence to put up there. We also have a peach tree that has been diseased for years, and after we planted the garden last year, it blossomed for the first time apparently in several years, but the fruit was still no good. This year there are a lot of new shoots growing from it, so who knows, maybe it will slowly get better and better. Let's hope so!

I can't wait to go home and plant some stuff tonight! We'll post pictures soon of what we plant!

Happy Monday everyone!