lots of rain, donkey skin, tea and macaroons

Tonight we're having a bit if a rainstorm in Portland, with thunder and lightning and everything. Trina and I and our friends Linda and Theresa are sitting at home watching a French film called Peau d'âne (Donkey's Skin), eating the macaroons Linda made earlier today, and drinking strawberry black tea. We have all the windows open, so we can hear the rain and thunder. All in all, a perfect evening :)


  1. Donkey Skin???? Hmm, tres interesante... Send us more rain!!!!

  2. Vous etes totalement tout-fou!!! Porquoi veillez vous les Filmes Francais? Comprendez vous Francais?
    Votre Oncle aux Puyallup

  3. Je comprends un peu de Francais. Mainly, though, we're interested in French culture and so we decided to rent several French films to watch, the best of which ended up being Le Million, a 1931 film that was really funny. Donkey Skin was pretty weird, but entertaining :)