a lovely saturday...

our Saturday this week was quite wonderful, which was well-needed after our Friday evening, which I will write more about later... we had a bit of an air-conditioner fiasco...

But Saturday! Our friend Tori came over Friday night and spent the night, and we went out to breakfast at Genie's Cafe Saturday morning - Genie's is one of our very favorite breakfast places in Portland, but we rarely go, because usually by the time we get up, it's an hour wait to get in. However, we were up early, as we had to return our air-conditioner to Home Depot after breakfast, so we got in pretty quickly, and had a delicious breakfast.

After that, we went home and Tori helped us load the 170lb air conditioner into our friend Linda's truck, so that we could take it to Home Depot. We went and returned it, got two smaller ones, and came home. By this time we were pretty hot and sweaty, so we left the new air conditioners, went and sat in our room with the existing one and read for a bit, gulped down some water... then we came downstairs and installed the first new air conditioner in the downstairs window and turned it on. We then went to New Seasons to get stuff to make dinner, as well as some more water and a baguette, jam, cheese and fruit for breakfast this morning. We got cash back to give to our friends Dara and Michael, as Michael recently did some repairs on a bike that our friend Theresa had gotten for free but never fixed up - she got a different bike, so she was going to just donate it to Michael and Dara for parts - but they determined it wouldn't be too much work to fix it up, so they did, and now it's Trina's bike! We'll post pictures of that later, it's wonderful. So, we got the cash and headed over to Sock Dreams, as Dara was there working. We gave her the money and chatted for a while, petted Pumpkin, their dog, and then headed home. We put all the food away, then installed the other new air conditioner in the upstairs window, disconnected the one in our bedroom, and Trina set to cleaning stuff off our old laptop, so we can retire it, and I recorded our Hard Day's Night record (which, unlike the CD version, has the instrumental songs from the film as well). Linda came home, and we started making dinner (we made a big mixed greens salad with carrots and cucumber and beets) - and while we were making it, we all decided we had a huge craving for beef jerkey, so Linda decided to run to Trader Joe's - and in the process we decided hummus sounded really good too... so she came back with 3 layer hummus, tortillas, and beef jerky :) We sat on the couch and scarfed everything down (it was all so yummy, and we were really hungry), and watched another episode from the first season of Doctor Who. We then called our friend Theresa over and we all rode our bikes to Pix Patisserie for dessert. It was so fun to have a little bike parade :) We had wonderful desserts, all, including homemade mocha ice cream, assorted french macaroons and fruit jellies, and even, perhaps, a beer float, made with Rogue Chocolate Stout (a local Oregon brewer) and Pix's homemade mocha ice cream. We then rode back home leisurely, I took a shower, then we got ready for bed, read for a while, and fell asleep contentedly, with Piccoli laying on the bed near Trina's head, around 11pm. It was a wonderful day.

This morning the sun is shining in the windows, and the air feels nice and cool, which is a huge relief after the last two near-hundred-degree days. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend despite the air conditioning problems. We till had our space heaters in the house and I made my husband take them away as just the thought of them on these hot days made it seem even warmer. I shall check out that breakfast place sometime. A long wait is always a good sign at a restaurant:)