drooling over bikes...

I've been ogling this bike for a couple months now, and I have to say, it has only grown on me over time. I've read a couple reviews of them and the reviews have been very positive as well - easy to ride, comfortable, etc. And of course, beautiful. This is the Electra Amsterdam, styled after commuter bikes in Amsterdam itself, one of the most bike-heavy and biker-friendly cities in the world. I personally love the Classic 3 Speed model. Anyway, if anyone wants to contribute to the "Save Dave's keyboard from drool damage" fund, I'd be happy to accept offers :) Here's the lovely bike itself.


  1. Oh, it's amazing! I love the headlight. Lights are good.

  2. Hey David;
    I'm signed up for the Portland Century on 24AUG. Come do it with me!
    Onkel Ken

  3. I looove the bike. here is a sad story. I had a European bike. It was old fashioned. It was Huge. it was pink. it had flamingos on it. It had a huge cushy seat. And one day, I decided I hated it. So I set it outside the gates to the subdivision entrance of my in-town house, and let someone take it. I think about that all of the time. And I get sad. :( I am such a numbskull!!! Happy Thursday tomorrow ;) {Hi Miss Trina!!!}