Well, we had a busy and eventful, but good weekend. On Friday, we found out that our insurance isn't totaling our Sofie (our car), and not only that, but is covering the cost of repairs. We have a $500 deductible, so we will probably end up paying that unless the repairs end up being less than estimated, but still, better than the $2000-2500 that was estimated for repairs. Yay for an insurance company actually forking over some money, and we didn't even have to wrestle it out of them. Props to them.

Saturday was ungodly hot - it hit somewhere around 95 I think. We went out in the morning to Portland Luggage to get some stuff for our approaching trip to Tokyo (a couple of neck pillows and a neck pouch for me to keep my passport and stuff). Then we headed over to Pioneer Place Mall to look for some clothing and shoe stuff for the trip as well, as it's going to be rather hot and humid there, and we're probably going to do quite a bit of walking. I found a good pair of walking shoes at Aldo, and Trina found a really cute summer dress at Forever XXI, of all places. We had lunch at the food court, and then headed back home to hide in our air conditioning all evening.

Sunday was an altogether busy day - here's a rundown (I know people like bulleted lists, and are more likely to read bullet points than long paragraphs, so here you go all you bulleted-list fanatics!):

  • we participated (a day late) in Miss Vanessa's Mad Hatter's Tea Party :) For a synopsis and some lovely pictures, please visit my wonderful wife's blog at Somebody's Little Weasel.

  • Trina (my wife) then had an hour appointment at a Massage Therapist over on Woodstock - she's been having exceptionally bad back pain and spasms lately, so we're getting her in to see a massage therapist, and a physician later this month.

  • After her appointment, Theresa, Trina and I went to Goodwill, and found some lovely small vintage suitcases, a beautiful 1950's Juice-O-Mat, some really nice walking shoes for Trina to wear to Japan, and a few other random things.

  • Sunday night, the gracious Ashley and Emily invited us to dinner with them and their respective and no less important (despite referring to them as the significant others) significant others, Drew and Josiah. We went to the Kalga Kafe on Division St - it's a vegetarian and vegan restaurant with a wide range of Asian and Mediterranean foods (Indian, Thai, Lebanese, Greek, etc). We had a really nice time, and were glad for the chance of meeting them all.

  • After that, we walked home, watered the garden, and then just crashed for a bit before going to bed.

So, there you have it. Hope you all had splendid weekends, and perhaps we'll see you around in the wide world of the internet soon. Until next time, this is Dave Feucht, signing off. Cheers!


  1. A bulleted list? My favorite!
    You did have a busy weekend! But hurray for Little Sofie getting fixed up and insurance covering the cost. Congrats on your wonderful Good Will finds. And tell Trina I hope he back starts feeling better soon.

  2. Yay! Glad to hear you'll be able to get the bug back in shape.

    It hit 101 out here on Saturday, and 100 at PDX. "Ungodly hot" is certain a sufficient quantifier in any case. :)

    The best part about the weather this weekend was the thunder Sunday - a couple of hits were loud enough to really shake the dishes in the cupboards.