another shaving post...

So after a while now shaving with a razor, I've had the chance to try two different types, both by Gillette - the Fusion and the Mach3. The Fusion is their newest one, and is a 5-blade razor, the Mach3 is the previous razor, and has 3 blades.

(Side note: Both of these razors have "power" versions, which seems really weird and silly to me, and kind of a waste of resources, plus they use batteries, which you then have to dispose of somehow, and all that.)

I probably get a marginally closer shave with the Fusion, but I also get more skin irritation using the Fusion, so it's kind of a trade-off. The difference in the shave is really pretty negligible though, especially if I make sure to rinse my face well with hot water first to soften up the hairs and take my time shaving and don't hurry, so overall I think I prefer the Mach3, which of course is the older version.

I'm still really wanting to try a single-blade safety razor, and just see how it does. If anyone happens to find a razor at a vintage shop or flea market or anything, and it's in good shape, you can still buy blades for them. So, let me know! :) Trina is afraid I'll slit my throat with it, but I'm pretty confident I can at least keep from killing myself on accident.

Well, have a lovely Tuesday everyone. Until next time!

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  1. I've gotta admit I use the Mach3 for my legs :) Fabulous results!