So, on the Wednesday we were there, we went to Kamakura, which is a city just outside of Tokyo that is very old (the oldest human tools found in this area are dated to at least 10,000 years ago). It was our first real experience with old Japan, as most of Tokyo itself was destroyed in World War II. We were meeting Alina's friend Mike, and taking trains there with him.

As usual, we saw some funny advertisements on the trains - this guy found a doughnut:

There was also a flying penguin:

Trina found a new friend, who fell asleep on her shoulder :)

He later fell asleep the other way, against the butt of a guy who was standing by the door. The guy gave him a weird look, and then when he saw the guy was asleep, he was kind of like "ok, no problem" and just let him sleep there.


The main shopping street in Kamakura:

Random to have a store called Portland - we decided it must be Portland, Maine based on the clothing style :)

There was this pretty awesome combination of this penguin and that amazing cat guy:

Here are the gates to the Hachimangu shinto temple that is in Kamakura. By the time we got here (about 15 minutes), we were already dripping sweat.

There was a pretty garden with lotus and water lilies:

A tomba (dragonfly):

The back of a turtle:

There were also these enormous black butterflies:

Lotus flowers are so beautiful:

Alina posing in a hollowed out tree :)

The road leading up to the shrine:

The building at the bottom of the hill:

Up the stairs to the shrine:

The shrine itself:

Those wooden cards are prayers - for something like 20 yen you can write one and leave it there:

The view from the top of the hill - you can't see very well in the picture, but you can just see the ocean out on the horizon:

Going back down the hill the side way:

When we came down from the shrine, there were two musicians doing a sound check in the building at the bottom of the hill:

These guys were out in front of one of the shops in town:

Railroad tracks next to a liquor store:

Back on the streets:

We had lunch at this little place that a rickshaw driver had recommended to Mike on a previous trip to Kamakura - it's a bar in the evening, but during the day it's a small restaurant. You go in and sit down, they serve you whatever is on the menu that day, you pick your own tea cup and serve yourself tea or water, and then pay and leave. It was delicious food. We arrived about 5 minutes before the place opened, and by the time they opened, there were about 5 people waiting. By the time we got the first bits of food, the place was full and there was a line at the door. Here are some pictures of what we ate:

wilted spinach with sesame:

rice, of course:

cold eggplant and daikon radish:

Japanese curry - it was amazing:

Rice seasoning is a brilliant idea:

Miso soup:

Here is the front of the shop:

After a very satisfying lunch, we headed to the famous giant daibutsu (buddha).

His sandals are hanging on the wall :)

Whee! It's hot out!

For again about 20 yen, you can go inside the daibutsu - we went in, but got a bit claustrophobic, as it was really hot and the air was very still inside, and we had to leave pretty quickly.

After the daibutsu, we went to a place where you can hike through a cave to go up to another shrine that overlooks the ocean. Trina and I were feeling pretty woozy from the heat, so we waited for Mike and Alina as they went up and came back. We then went and had some gelato, and then headed on to the trains to go back to Tokyo.

It was great to see Kamakura, even though it was extremely hot that day. Hope you enjoy the pictures!


  1. Thanks for sharing all those pictures! I never realized Japan is so beautiful! Looks like you guys had a great time. I'm glad you made it home safe. :) Love you!

  2. These are quite beautiful images. I especially enjoyed the images of the temple are surrounding garden(s).I hope you print these out for yourself,even making them into a book along with excerpts form your posts (Apple, snapfish,etc. can make one for you). Welcome back!
    I remember the days of taking public transportation and passengers falling asleep. Fortunately no one fell asleep on my behind..lol

  3. hey davidas...i'm back in internet world and figured i'd see what's up with you guys...WOW!!! fun!! can't wait to catch up more! miss you guys....and the ONE picture i'm so BUMMED about our photographer not getting is of you and marc. i have no idea why she didn't take one. i'm searching for SOMEONE who took one cuz i WANT it. i was far more excited about you and marc doing that song than some other pictures that we got. so if you know of anyone who got some pics, please let me know. and thank you so much again! we finally get to see the video in a couple days so i can actually listen to it and watch it. can't wait!!! love you guys

  4. That food was great, and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!

  5. All the images are so incredible! A++++ for wonderul photos!! But, I just hollered sooooo loud. More like Howled, at Trina's face and that sleepy fellow!! OHMYGOODNeSSSS!! Too funny!!