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I don't know if I'll have a chance to post pictures/videos again before we leave Tokyo, but I want to give a bit of an update - we've gone to a flamenco dance show with Alina's boss, Sakumura-san and his wife, which we then followed by going to his favorite sushi place, where one of the sushi chefs is the father of one of Alina's students, and then to his favorite bar for karaoke.

We went to a big hawaiian festival in Odaiba that Alina's church was putting on, which was a bit crazy and really fun.

*edit* During the day yesterday, Alina took us to her favorite restaurant and favorite coffee shop in Kunitachi. They were both wonderful, and the lady who owns the coffee shop was so cute and sweet, and so careful and particular about her coffee. Both places felt so relaxed and so peaceful, which I can imagine is a huge relief to be able to go there to get away from the rush everywhere else. It was really nice to get to share those places with her, and the coffee shop even made us rethink some of the ways we might want our shop to be in the future.

Last night was kind of the beginning of summer festivals, and in Tachikawa they had a fireworks show, so we had dinner again with the Sakumuras, and two teachers from Alina's school, and then sat and watched fireworks, ate some more food, had some drinks, and talked with everyone. It was a really fun evening, and it even rained a little bit.

Today we woke up and Trina had a pretty bad stomach ache, so I walked down to a little convenience store and bought her some yogurt, so hopefully she'll feel better soon. Tonight we're having dinner with Jason and Abby (who were on the yukata cruise), and then tomorrow we're spending the day packing and relaxing - since Alina is leaving Tokyo the same day to go to Hawaii for a wedding, we're all packing together (awww) :)

Hope you all are doing well, and we'll see you soon after we get back with all the rest of the major stories and pictures. Cheers!

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