quick update...

I'll hopefully write in more detail soon, with some more pictures and video for you, but for now, suffice it to say, Monday we went to Ginza, I bought a yukata, Trina got a really cute shirt, we had lunch at a really fun restaurant, then went to the Nippori fabric district, but the main store we wanted to visit was closed, so we're going back tomorrow.

Yesterday Alina worked in the morning, then we met her at the Wakabadai station and went to do some shopping and bought some fun stuff, came back, met a couple of the ladies that she teaches english to (they were so sweet and nice), and then had dinner with her neighbors/landlords, who were also very hospitable, and we had a really nice time talking with them.

Today, we went to Kamakura with Alina's friend Mike, and saw some of old Japan, a shinto shrine, an enormous buddha, had some gelato, sweat a *lot*, then came back, had dinner in Shinjuku, went to the supermarket, and now we're back at Alina's place for the evening, hopefully we'll watch a movie and just relax.

Hope everything is well with you all, we're having a good time, despite it being really hot and humid (Portland is going to feel so nice once we get back), and it's been really nice to just experience bits of Alina's life here. Happy Wednesday all!

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