some more pictures!

As I mentioned previously, we went to Ginza shopping district the other day. We walked down to a bus stop near Alina's apartment

And we took the bus to the Inagi city station

We stopped and had breakfast in a little bakery called Le Repas, and Alina was playing with her food

We went down to catch the train

There was a lady with a tea party on her head

We thought it was funny (given people's attitudes on public transit in America) that they have signs telling you to sit close to people

We got off the train

Took some more pictures of signs

Trina and Alina felt like jumping :)

This poster was hot

Finally we made it out of the station. The main street in Ginza was closed to car traffic, since it was a holiday, so people were walking in the street as well.

There was this guy just sitting in a lawn chair in the street, who had a ferret in a yukata:

We saw the apple store (these pictures are for you, dad)

This dog was just standing there completely motionless for a couple minutes when we first walked up to it

Alina took us to this restaurant for lunch that has a Japanese restaurant, Mexican restaurant, Italian restaurant and kind of an Asian fusion restaurant in it. We picked the Asian fusion restaurant

We ordered raspberry mojitos, salad rolls, and a few different small things

After lunch we headed back to the station to go to Nippori district to look at fabric

We made it over to the fabric district, but the main shop we wanted to go to was closed, so we just went into one small shop and bought a few things, which I'm sure Trina will post pictures of later:

As a side note, there are these large beetles here that live in the trees, and they make this really high-pitched humming noise - here's a video I took with our camera, I hope you can get an idea of the sound from the video:



  1. You guys are having too much fun! Great Apple Store; what did you buy? How do you like the subways? I have been all over Tokyo on those trains! My next trip to Japan is at the end of September. Keep having fun and Ohio Gozimo!

  2. Such fun! Those pictures are amazing! What a great time you're having. The jumping pictures are awesome, and the ferret in costume is hilarious.
    Until you return,

  3. Oh wow, I really really want to go to Japan someday. (I have cousins that are Japanese, they live on Hokkaido but I haven't been to visit them yet.) Seems like you had a great time :)
    And yeah, definitely go to Berlin if you get a chane!!