tao te ching - lao tzu

I was just reading this again, and I thought this particular section was really good.

People through finding something beautiful
Think something else unbeautiful,
Through finding one man fit
Judge another unfit.
Life and death, though stemming from each other, seem to conflict as stages of change,
Difficult and easy as phases of achievement,
Long and short as measures of contrast,
High and low as degrees of relation;
But, since the varying of tones gives music to a voice
And what is the was of what shall be,
The sanest man
Sets up no deed,
Lays down no law,
Takes everything that happens as it comes,
As something to animate, not to appropriate,
To earn, not to own,
To accept naturally without self-importance:
If you never assume importance
You never lose it.

Some thoughts -

people have a tendency to see things as mutually exclusive - if one thing is beautiful, something that is not that thing must not be beautiful. we set up a standard of what is good and proper and right, and then we take the view that anything which does not match that standard must therefore be bad and improper and wrong. however, we don't realize that often times the standards we set are subjective, and simply fit what we know and are comfortable with. it's when we realize this that we understand that the richness and diversity of human life and experience has so much to teach us outside of our own small understanding of things, and therefore we shouldn't set up such stringent frameworks around life, but simply live, take the experiences that come to us, look at them from all angles, learn what we can from them, and seek to enable life rather than control it. it has a lot to teach us if we choose to listen, and stop trying to tell it what we do and don't need to know.

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  1. really love your blog...and the introspective approach..looking forward to reading more!