Trina's grandma died at about 4.30 yesterday, memorial service will probably be this coming week sometime. Trina also has a post over on her blog as well.

We had a really nice time with my family yesterday, and this morning we woke up really late, fed the cats, and I made Trina, Linda and I fried eggs with toast and coffee. Then we watched part of the film Castle In the Sky, and now Linda and Trina are going to go to Joanne's Fabrics to get stuff to make adipose softies (you might remember adipose from Doctor Who, if you watch it).

I'm off to shower before I offend anyone with the smell emanating from me :)

Have a lovely Saturday, all.

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  1. Ah, the adipose, can't be sure whether to find them adorable or nauseating - perhaps a little of both. :)

    Sorry to hear about Trina's grandmother. Best wishes, hope everything goes as well as can be.