we're almost there...

Tomorrow we leave for Tokyo! I'm almost entirely packed except for my toiletries, and Trina is close as well, she was just waiting for a few things to dry overnight. Today she's getting a haircut/color, getting money from the bank, and writing out instructions on how to take care of our kitties while we're gone. Tonight we'll put clean clothes away, finish up the last bits of packing, straighten up the house a bit, and hopefully be able to sleep (you know that pre-big-event nervousness and jitter of expectation). In the morning, a small breakfast, pack the toiletries, wait for my mom to come and get us, and head to the airport. ALINA, HERE WE COME!!! :)

As a bit of a side note, I ran out of my Burt's Bees aftershave lotion, so we went to L'Occitane to get their L'Occitan aftershave lotion, which is the same scent as the cologne I use. They also gave me a sample of their Cade shaving cream, so I've been using that this week. It's a very different feeling than the Omega shaving soap I've been using, which has menthol and eucalyptus in it. The L'Occitane shaving cream is a bit more musky and spicy, having juniper, rosemary and sandalwood, and smells a bit peppery as well. It's more warming feeling, whereas the menthol and eucalyptus in the Omega shaving soap are more cooling. They both smell really nice though, I can't imagine using Gillette shaving cream in a can type stuff after using these, they're so much nicer. Plus I still just love the tactile experience of the shaving brush.

Ok, that's about all for now. Cheers!


  1. You're such a lady (I mean that with kindness). I love it!

    Have the best time ever!

    If you're reading this post trip: I hope you had the best time ever!


  2. Thanks! (on both counts) :)

    I like taking care of myself, it feels good. Not obsessing over myself, but just trying to take good care of myself. Plus shaving with good shaving cream or soap and a brush and razor is such a different sensory experience than shaving with an electric - I enjoy it so much more, personally.

    You can count on plenty of pictures here once we get back (and maybe some while we're there), so keep an eye out :)