we're here!

We left and headed to the airport with my mom on Thursday, ate lunch at the Rogue Brewpub at the airport, and got on the plane. The flight actually went really well, other than Trina having some airsickness issues - we played some two player reversi on the little in-flight entertainment systems and the flight actually went pretty quickly.

We arrived about 5 minutes later than expected, and made it through customs without any problems. We bought the limousine bus tickets to Chofu station, where we were going to meet our friend Alina, and then bought a couple of cokes and just hung out in the airport for about an hour until the bus came.

Apparently there was a typhoon passing by that day, and so it was incredibly humid, you could see the moisture hanging in the air. We were very relieved to find that the bus had air conditioning, as it was about a 2 hour bus ride to Chofu station.

We arrived in Chofu around 9pm on Friday, and there was Alina! We gave huge hugs and gathered up all our luggage, and went to get some dinner at a store that was nearby - apparently sushi at supermarkets here is about the same quality as the better restaurants in Portland. I also got some pork katsu and we got edamame and rice. We hopped on a train from there and Alina's neighbor/landlord picked us up from the station to take us to her apartment. We got back to her apartment and just ate and talked for a couple hours, took showers and finally went to bed at about 2am.

Saturday here, we woke up fairly early, but just had a really relaxed day, we made rice with toasted sesame rice seasoning for breakfast, had some stumptown coffee that we brought along, and hung around and talked and took showers and relaxed.

As we were leaving the apartment, there was a pretty long earthquake, and we headed down to a supermarket nearby to get some quick lunch before we had to head to Alina's last child english classes. We had some ginger chicken and miso soup, and then hopped on a bus to head over to the school she teaches at. We had (I think) 6 half-hour english classes with different groups of kids, and played word games and bingo and had snacks. The kids were so cute, and most of them were really well behaved. It was fun to get to see them and meet them.

After her classes, we waited around for an hour, as they had a matsuri (festival) afterwards which we went to - they had little beanbag toss games and fishing games and such set up, and little food booths, with yakisoba, shaved ice, oden, which is a kind of stew, and we met Alina's boss and his wife and daughter. Alina's bosses wife is Thai, so they are going to have us over next week and cook thai food for us. At the festival, they also had kids singing and dancing and it was really cute :)

After the festival, we went to Alina's friend Michiko's house for dinner(she's a teacher at another school that Alina teaches at). We had a wonderful time with her, and her sons are so sweet and nice. She taught us how to make okinomiyaki, which is an egg dish with shredded cabbage and bacon and corn and seaweed, and cooked on a big round electric griddle, and you eat it with a special kind of sauce and mayonnaise and dried fish flakes on top. She made us green tea with mint from her garden, and then we had homemade jello with fruit in it for dessert, and everything was wonderful. We had a great time talking, and then later Michiko's friend Kishiko came with her husband and children, and we showed them pictures of Oregon online and talked about what we liked about Japan and what kinds of things we were going to go see, and we just had a really nice time with all of them, they were so kind and sweet.

It was a really nice day, but we got home at about 11pm, and we were all really exhausted, so we took quick showers, and headed straight to bed. We have full day again today, including a yukata cruise (a yukata is kind of the summer version of a kimono, and is made of cotton instead of silk). But I'm off for now, have a wonderful day everyone!

P.S. I don't have time to post pictures right now, but I have some to post, so hopefully I'll be able to do that later tonight. Stay tuned.


  1. i've been obsessively checking for some sort of post from you and trina! yay for it showing up!! i'll continually obsessively check until there are pictures! give alina a huge huge hug and tell her i can't wait to see her!


  2. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time!!! I can't wait to hear what you're doing next and see some pictures. I'm so glad you had a good flight over. Until your next post.

  3. i'm using carmen's name! wow sounds like you are having fun. I bet the food is great. Can't wait for more pictures. Trina all your preschool/toddler experience has come in handy huh:) I miss you both. keep on blogging