a birthday day...

Well, yesterday was my birthday - I have now reached the venerable age of 29. I started off the day by slipping on some CDs that were sitting on our stairs, sliding down a few stairs, and tweaking my left shoulder pretty good. Thankfully, the day got better after that :)

We did some re-arranging, and decided to do a fun dinner for my birthday. We went to New Seasons and got stuff to make sauteed bay scallops over sauteed spinach, pancetta and shallots, potato/parsnip puree and roasted tomatoes and zucchini with mint.

Theresa came over and helped Trina fix up her studio area a bit while I took a nap, and then our friend Lauren happened to drop by and wake me up by tickling my foot :) We chatted with her for a while, and then she took off.

Trina finished up re-arranging the studio while I got everything out to make dinner. We whipped up the dinner, and it was a lot of fun, and really tasty (see link above), then let our stomachs rest for a little while.

We did some of the major dishes, and then rode our bikes over to our favorite Pix P√Ętisserie and got three macaroons each (mine were two cassis and one port, trina got two cassis and one hazlenut). We brought them back and munched on them, chatted, put some laundry in the wash and looked at razors and stands for me, as well as what kind of new food things have popped up in Vilnius, Lithuania since we lived there. We watched a bit of the Olympic diving and gymnastics, and then got the laundry out and headed to bed.

All in all a really nice day, despite the sore shoulder :) Hope all of your weekends were wonderful as well.

P.S. Saturday we went to see Mamma Mia! with my parents, and it was a really fun movie :) We then went to Nuestra Cocina for dinner and dessert, and it was wonderful as well. We always have such a nice time with my parents, they are fantastic.

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