birthday fun :)

My lovely wife was kind enough to allow me to get this adjustable safety razor (see picture below) from the German company Merkur for my birthday, even though she's convinced I will cut my face off with it :)

You can adjust the amount of the blade that sticks out beyond the safety guard, so you can adjust for a more gentle or more aggressive shave, and also depending on your beard type or whatever.

I'll let you all know how it does once I get it and have a chance to try it out and get used to it. Given the price of blades for Gillette and Schick multi-blade razors (Mach III, Fusion, Quattro), this looks like it's going to be a much cheaper option (10 blades for $5, rather than 4 blades for $20).



  1. Happy Late Birthday!

    & yes, that does look scary. Have (safe) fun!