hallelujah, the rain has come...

...in a very literal and earth-watering sense. this weekend has been fantastic so far - Trina's sister was up staying with us all last week, and her parents came up to pick her up yesterday. we all went to lunch at Dot's Cafe on Clinton ST, and then we packed up her stuff and they took off.

After that, Trina and I gave a little whoop of joy at having our house to ourselves again for a while, after a long stint of roommates (which were all good, but sometimes it's nice to just have your own place).

We rode our bikes over to the Do It Best hardware store on Division ST and bought some sheetrock anchors for the screws that were holding in one of our curtain anchors, that had come out some weeks ago. We came back and I put up the curtains, which was really nice to have done.

We took the car and took a load of stuff to Goodwill that had been sitting in our basement, and then we stopped at New Seasons and got some bread to go with the pasta with fresh tomatoes from our garden and fresh mozzarella balls we had made earlier in the week, and we also got something special - a peach pie! Mmmmm.

A little back story - we've been watching the first season of the show Pushing Daisies, in which the main character is a pie maker, and owns a pie shop called the Pie Hole. (side note - the show is amazing, probably my very favorite show in years and years) Anyway, in the course of watching the show, I had been growing a craving for pie. So, thus, the trip to New Seasons, largely for the pie :)

We came back home and preheated the oven, while we heated up the pasta and cut the bread. We put the pie in, and then sat back to eat dinner and watch a couple more episodes of Pushing Daisies. After dinner, we pulled out Scrabble and sat at the dining room/craft studio table and played with the curtains drawn by the light of Trina's great grandma's oil lamp.

Once the pie was done, we eagerly pulled it out of the oven, looking beautiful, as good pies do, and let it set for the allotted time. We could hardly wait to dig in, but wanted the optimal experience. Finally, it was time, and we cut slices, with a little bit of french vanilla ice cream to complement it. It was delicious, and all we had waited and hoped for.

Finally we finished up the scrabble game (which Trina won, as usual), and went to crawl into bed, full and happy.

This morning we woke up to a cool morning, with clouds... we woke up late and finished watching the first season of Pushing Daisies, and then we ate a bit of lunch - Trina had fried tofu, and I had miso soup. While we were watching, it started raining pretty heavily, and continued through lunchtime. We lazily meandered around the house for a little bit, and then ran to New Seasons for a couple days of groceries. It continued to rain on and off while we were out. When we came back, we went to the garden and picked some more tomatoes, some green beans, and some herbs to use for dinner. It rained again just as we came back from the garden, and then cleared up again a bit. We rinsed up the veggies, and now here we are, getting ready for dinner.

For dinner, we're making a roasted chicken with garlic, lemon thyme, oregano, butter and lemon under the skin, rice pilaf, and sauteed green beans with butter, garlic and onions.

Tomorrow is our 6th anniversary. It seems so crazy that 6 years can go by so fast - and it seems crazy that loving someone could ever be so incredible. I never would have imagined what it would be like, and I never imagined a relationship with a person could be so deepening, fulfilling and exciting (though it is sometimes painful and difficult in the process - 'the tension is to be loved when it is like a passing note to a beautiful, beautiful chord...'). Life is deep and rich, and I love that it is that way.

We're going to have a lazy day just bumming around town, and then go see the movie The Fall at the Laurelhurst Theater in the evening.

Hope you all have fantastic weekends as well. Best wishes!

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