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so, to take a little break from the posts about Japan, something I've been thinking about lately -

that is, that we in the western world seem to have subjected ourselves to the rule of language. what I mean by this is, that we seem to believe that language is the only way in which we communicate anything useful to each other, to ourselves, to God. I suspect that our desire to understand everything rationally adds to this, as language is something more or less definable and we can kind of put it in a box that is pretty easy to transfer to someone else. I also suspect that our desire to understand everything rationally has led to the pressure for each person to be able to explain all their experience in words that another person can understand, which I think has also led people to limit their personal experience to what they can define with language. That is, we limit our relations with ourselves and with God to language, to conversation, because we can then relate that conversation to someone else.

what I've been thinking about is that we as humans have many other ways of communication and understanding, feeling, intuition, etc. I think we are capable of communicating and understanding on a whole different level, but that we often dismiss it or ignore it because we can't easily define it and relate it to another person.

I think this is particularly important in terms of both how we understand ourselves and how we understand God. I think we often feel that God is silent simply because He chooses not to use words to relate to us. I think we also come to understand ourselves only to a minimal level, because we only come to know the part of us that expresses itself using language.

I think we need silence in our lives for many reasons, one being that it allows us to be open to other means of communication and understanding. If we keep filling up space with words and more words that often fail to express or convey understanding, we simply miss so much. For this reason, I think prayer and meditation time just in silence is very important. Not talking, not reading, just listening. Listen to what's going on inside of you. Take a look at it and become familiar with it.

Ok, that's about all for now, I hope that makes some sense. Until next time!

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