thunder and fireworks...

So, the last Sunday we were in Tokyo, Trina and I stayed home in the morning, as Trina wasn't feeling well, and Alina went to church. They had lunch after church, and then she went to coffee with a friend after that, so she didn't get back to her flat until about 3pm. It was really nice to just hang around and read and sleep a little, start the process of packing, and by the time Alina got home, Trina was feeling quite a bit better. Alina took a nap when she got home, and then she got an sms saying that Abby and Jason, who were going to come over for dinner, wouldn't be able to make it as Abby was feeling really sick, so we decided to just go to the store and get some food for dinner.

On the way back from the store, we stopped to play in a little playground :)

When we came back and the scenery from Alina's building was stunning with the setting sun, you could see Mt. Fuji framed against the horizon...

We took showers, and then Alina was out on the balcony just having some quiet time, and I went out to join her, and we noticed there was some thunder going on across on the other side of Tokyo, so we were watching, and it just kept getting more and more intense. Finally Trina came out to join us, and we all watched together as it started to get dark...

We were just standing watching and talking about life, and suddenly we heard some big booms from the other side of the balcony, so we ran over there, thinking it might be thunder and that we should look over there for more lightning.... and it turned out to be fireworks in Fuchu!

So, at this point, we have thunderstorm to the right, fireworks to the left - and some other people in the building are starting to notice - Alina's landlord's wife came out because she noticed the fireworks. Some kids below us noticed the thunderstorm and came running up to the level below us. It was pretty crazy.

There was some amazing thunder, flashing all across the sky horizontally, with the sound of the exploding fireworks... it was a weird experience :)

Finally we all shuffled off to bed, and waking up for our last full day in Tokyo.


  1. Talk about a weird experience. I'm sitting here watching your video showing fireworks and lightening and there's lightening outside right now! The Mt. Fuji picks are beautiful.

  2. The fireworks Look beee-youteeful!! Oh that mastering thet gerbil was wayyy too funny!! I wanna try! hahaaaaaaaaaa!