autumn is here!

www.wunderground.com shows not a temperature above 65 in the near future, the light is shifting and it isn't even starting to get light out until about 7am, with the sun going down at more like 7pm. The light in the evenings is beautiful and turns everything golden the way that autumn evening sunlight does. the view going over the Hawthorne bridge in the evening is gorgeous. arriving back on the east side of town and riding through neighborhoods on my way home from work, I'm smelling fires in fireplaces and riding over wet leaves, and the air is crisp and cool, rather than soft and suffocating. my favorite time of year has begun, and I'm remembering all over again just exactly why that is. now when the trees start to really turn colors.... I can't wait.

From Biking

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From Biking

Here's a little video of some parts of my commute :)

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  1. I enjoyed the commute video and the music very much.